GASLINK® / busbar system

For more than 25 years, SF6-gas has been used for insulating purposes in the medium voltage and high voltage field.

General description

For more than 25 years, SF6-gas has been used for insulating purposes in the medium voltage and high voltage field.

The electrical strength of SF6 is considerably higher than of air. SF6-gas is chemically neutral, non-toxic and non-inflammable.

Because of these characteristics and the increasing demand for totally enclosed medium voltage equipment, MGC MOSER-GLASER AG has expanded its manufacturing program to include SF6-insulated busbar connections GASLINK®.

Main advantages
  • Protected against electrical shock hazards
  • Self-recombinating gas insulation
  • Cost reduction with application of gas partition bushings. With the application of partition bushings the switchgear manufacturers of GIS can perform all necessary electrical and gas pressure tests in their workshop.
  • Switchgears can be delivered complete, gas filled and with already erected gas partition bushings to site.
  • This allows cost and time savins by the erection at site, no need to perform all tests again.
  • Additional fire protection not required
  • Simple fixation devices
  • Any connection to SF6-, oil- or air-insulated, indoor or outdoor equipment possible
  • Nearly maintenance-free; therefore long service intervals
  • Recycling of gas while dismounting
  • Modular design
  • Short delivery periods due to standardized elements
  • No ageing effects on insulating material
  • No deterioration; extremely short repair time in case of fault
  • Suitable for operation under extreme service conditions
  • SF6 -insulation test can be made without interrupting operation
  • Small dimensions, low weight
  • Easy and quick assembly and erection due to pre-manufactured and pre-tested standard elements
  • Subsequent changes or extension of existing installation without difficulties
Specific features
  • Modular construction elements allow individual solutions for any compact medium voltage equipment
  • The SF6-gas-insulated system consists of aluminum or copper conductors interconnected by type-tested high current plugs
  • Special high voltage insulators are used to center these conductors inside aluminum protecting tubes
    Minimum phase distance suitable for adaptation to any compact SF6-switchgear
  • SF6-gas partition allows you to separate two different gas chambers with different pressures. The pressure control of the GASLINK® busbar system will be made by a separate control-panel
  • Universal angle-type cast-aluminum housings allow changes of direction and branch-offs in all three dimensions
  • Excellent sealing is guaranteed by special SF6-proof O-rings inserted in specially designed grooves with a maximum leakage of no more than 0,5 per cent per year
  • High quality DURESCA® -insulated bushings are used to connect air/oil-insulated transformers, coils, capacitors and other apparatus
  • Simple and quick assembly by standardized elements; no special tooling required
Technical characteristics
Rated Voltage:Up to 40.5 kV
Rated Curent:2500/3150 amps
Rated thermal short-Time Current:40kA, 3 s
Rated dynamic impulse Current:110 kA
Rated Operating Pressure:0.15 MPa/0.25 MPa absolut
Maximum Burst Pressure:0.35 MPa gauge
Maximum Leakage per year:Less than1%
Minimum Phase Distance:200 mm
Design:For indoor application
Option:For outdoor connection with DURESCA® SF6-outdoor bushings