DURESCA® / busbar system

Fully insulated busbars are used to ensure connections between medium and High Voltage equipments such as generator, switchgear or transformer.

DURESCA® busbar systems offer a compact and safer solution compared to cable or conventional busduct solutions.

General description

Key points

  • Same type of busbar for Indoor/indoor, outdoor/indoor or outdoor/outdoor application.
  • Solid, separate and fully isolated phase bus; no parallel cables.
  • Earth screen in copper, embedded in the insulation and designed for an exceptional fault current of 8 kA /1s.
  • Custom engineered for each individual installation.
  • Compact design with reduced bending radius.
  • Short assembly and erection time compared to cable, no need for special fixtures or tools. Reduced erection costs.
  • Resistant to humidity and moister ingress, no risk of corrosion.
  • No need to pressurize or to add heaters; reduction of installation and maintenance costs.
Main advantages

Protection Tube

All of our busbar systems have a protection tube which provides the following features:

  • Best possible barrier against humidity and moisture ingress

  • Excellent mechanical protection

  • Same busbar system for indoor and outdoor application

High stability under UV exposure.

Resistant to aggressive environments such as salt water, mineral oil, grease, fuels, weak acids and bases.

Resistant to natural ingress like fungus, termites and mildew.

DURESCA® busbars are available in two versions:

  • DE type with a corrugated polyamide tube → additional creepage distance.

  • DG type with Cr-Ni or Aluminum for higher diameter (when polyamide tube is no more available).


Earth Layer

  • Specific for DURESCA® busbars is the earth screen in copper, embedded in the insulation and designed for a fault current of 8kA in case of an exceptional insulation failure.



Its design requires less space thanks to reduced bending radius combined with an easy and fast installation.

The DURESCA® busbar system, with the highest level of quality allows a safe lifetime of more than 30 years.

DE busbars

The insulation body is protected by a high quality (PA12) corrugated tube in polyamide.

Furthermore, the corrugation provides an increase of the creepage distance on the end of the busbar.

The selected quality authorizes an indoor as well as outdoor use. The good behavior in the severe climatic conditions was checked according to the ASTM Cd 2565 standard and tested in an independent laboratory.

MGC has been using this type of protection tube for more than 20 years.

DG busbars

In case of particular requirements e.g. an heavily polluted area, the polyamide corrugated protection tube could be replaced by CrNi steel or Aluminum.