Company Policy

MGC's policy regarding quality, environment and safety at work

  • We respect our customers' requirements and we strive to cover current and future demands.
  • We commit ourselves to the legal requirements regarding our products, environment and safety at work.
  • The executive board defines the responsibilities and competences of the various sectors and departments. It determines in particular the processes of each department. Hence each department has to supply products/services which comply with the directions given by the executive board.
  • We support our employees' sense of quality and responsibility by providing information and training.
  • We maintain a certified management-system according to ISO 9001/14001 and OHSAS 18001.
  • Given the permanently changing boundary conditions this system needs constant development. We control and improve it by internal audits, systematic error detection and correction.
  • We apply a sustainable use of natural resources.
  • We attach high importance to the safety of people and environment.
  • Every year the executive board sets new objectives regarding quality, environment and safety at work and controls regularly their achievements.
  • Our m-system defines and controls all important processes. Simple, logic processes lie within the responisbility of each single employee and are not documented. This is the basis of an efficient and easily applicable m-system.
  • The executive board supervises the adherence of the m-system. This Policy will be all 3 years revised.

Extract of the QM-manual dated October 17th, 2016